Times are surely changing. You’ve likely heard the unfolding world debate over energy sources and the various alternatives to using fossil fuels as our primary energy source.  Big businesses and global governments seem to go back and forth each day about what we should do next when it comes to producing energy, and solar power is always part of the conversation.  We’re not here to play politics, but we at ProSolar Florida are here to help you navigate through the noise by providing more information about solar energy so you can make the right choice for yourself, for your family, and for the environment.  If you want the breakdown on how solar energy can help the ecosystem, then see the big ideas below to help you feel confident in choosing solar power.

  • Solar energy is clean.
    When using fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas to produce energy, the process creates pollution in both the water supplies and the air.  This pollution has increasingly negative effects on Earth’s atmosphere as well as on public health.  Solar energy doesn’t produce this type of pollution.  Our solar panels cleanly convert sunlight into usable power for your home and also for your local power grid.  Net Metering allows you to get credit for the energy your solar panels add to the energy grid, which could mean big savings for you and a big difference for the planet!
  • Solar energy is renewable.
    Fossil fuels will not last forever. They’re created over millions of years as matter decomposes beneath the Earth’s surface. Once they’re all mined, they’ll be gone. Since we can’t count on these forever, alternative sources like wind and solar power will be key features of future energy plans. Solar energy gathered in our panels is renewable. We can access it each day, rain or shine, which will place your home on the forefront of new technology throughout your lifetime.
  • Solar energy does not waste water.
    Processing fossil fuels to create energy doesn’t just pollute water, if often wastes it. Power plants that convert coal, natural gas, oil, & nuclear power for energy require massive amounts of water for cooling, cleaning, and other needs of the facilities. This creates a limitation on the water sources near those plants, removing reserves meant for other vital industries and services, such as agriculture, sewage, and drinking water supplies. Solar energy conversion requires significantly less water usage overall, cutting the competition for this important natural resource.

Are you ready to make a positive change and improve your impact on the planet? Let us help you to get started today! Not only can we guarantee that you’ll be helping the environment, we can promise a boost for your wallet as well. Installing solar energy panels can enhance home values by up to 15%, and many clients have saved up to 100% on monthly electric bills thanks to Net Metering and other perks.

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