The year 2020 has been… interesting, to say the least. But it can also be the year you take action to benefit the planet, save money, and gain energy security by switching to solar energy.

There are a few key reasons you don’t want to procrastinate when it comes to switching to solar. We’ll go over them in detail in the post — so if you’ve been on the fence about switching to solar just waiting for the right moment, read on!

You can save 26% on your invoice until the end of the year.

That’s right — we’ll apply the federal tax rebate of 26% to your invoice when you sign a contract with us before the end of 2020! That is a major savings of several thousand dollars on your solar energy system that can ONLY be applied until the end of this year.

After this year, the rebate will drop to 22%. And after 2021, the rebate will expire unless Congress renews it. That’s the number 1 reason to not delay on switching to solar. There are only a few months left to take advantage of this tax credit — don’t wait until the last minute!

You could start saving on energy costs immediately.

Our systems typically pay for themselves within 6 to 8 years. But you could start saving on energy costs as soon as your system is operational. Our clients have reported saving up to 100% on energy costs every single month by switching to solar.

Whether you’re a commercial or residential client, the savings start immediately when you’re no longer dependent on the grid for your energy. Solar energy is dramatically cheaper (and cleaner) and those benefits are immediate.

Gain peace of mind with energy security.

We’re in the middle of hurricane season and it’ll last for a few more months. That’s all the more reason to get set up with an energy system you can count on even when the weather becomes inclement. When bad storms knock out the grid, you’ll still have your lights on and appliances running with a solar energy system. And if you opt for Tesla Powerwall, you’ll have as much power as you need safely stored in your backup battery.

Choose a home improvement project with a high ROI.

If you’re debating which home improvement project to choose, choose the one that’s going to give you the highest return on your investment. This is, undoubtedly, solar energy! Solar energy systems pay for themselves within 6 to 8 years, and also can increase the value of your home by up to 15%. Other home improvement projects cannot say the same.

Switch to solar with ProSolar Florida!

There are so many reasons to switch to solar with ProSolar Florida in 2020! There are only a few months left of this year but acting now will only be to your benefit. We offer a full range of commercial and residential renewable energy solutions. Your first step with us will be to schedule a risk-free assessment so we can go over your options and explore how ProSolar Florida can solve your energy challenges.

Get started by booking a consultation with us today! We look forward to serving you this