Interested in working with ProSolar Florida to solve your energy challenges? Read on to learn more about who we are and what we offer southeast Florida when it comes to renewable energy!

 Who We Are

We’re a solar energy company that offers turn-key solutions to common energy challenges. We have well over a decade of experience serving southeastern Florida with solar panels, backup battery installation, and net metering. We’re passionate about reweave energy and what it can do for homeowners and the environment!

What We Do

We help you save money every month on your energy bill with solar energy. We create and install solar energy systems for homes as well as businesses and other commercial applications. We also install Tesla Powerwall backup batteries and take the reins to set up net metering for homeowners who are interested in this billing method.

On a larger scale, we’re helping Florida homeowners save up to 100% every month on energy costs. We’re also helping our clients boost their home values by up to 15% with systems that often pay for themselves within 6 to 8 years. In addition, we know our work is playing a small part in reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere with completely clean energy, helping keep our planet healthy for the long term.

Residential & Commercial Solar Energy

Our most popular service is our residential solar energy solutions. We design and install a custom solar energy system for your home. No project is too small or too large! We also work with commercial clients creating solar energy solutions for schools, warehouses, businesses, office buildings, and more. These solutions give you independence from the grid and help you save money!

The process starts with a risk-free consultation where we look at your property and consider your current energy challenges. Then we propose our solution and give you insight into how our solutions will benefit you in the long run. We can also help you secure up to 100% financing from our trusted financial institution partners.

Net Metering

We get lots of questions about net metering, but it’s really a simple concept. It’s a billing mechanism where your solar energy system is set up to send excess energy you don’t use back to the grid. In turn, you receive credits from your energy company instead of bills. We take care of all the setup, permitting, and paperwork to get you ready to benefit from net metering right away!

 Tesla Powerwall Sales & Installation

Tesla Powerwall brings the ingenuity of Tesla into your home to help you save money and achieve energy security. It’s a backup battery that you can use with or without solar panels – it stores excess energy during high output times of the day (or low rate times of the day) to discharge when you need it. It’s all controlled seamlessly from an app on your smartphone.

Switch to solar with ProSolar Florida!

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