Why Gaining Energy Independence with Tesla Powerwall Is the Right Decision For Your Home

We at Prosolar Florida are Certified Tesla Installers. We’ll take care of every aspect of the process, from financing, to permitting, to installation. Imagine your home free of power company bills and blackouts. A home that relies completely on the energy from the sun, day and night. Energy independence is something that seemed like a [...]

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Here Are the Benefits You and Your Family Will Gain By Switching to Solar

Solar energy for your home is a great investment. The wonderful thing about solar energy installation in Florida is that we have tons of sunshine (hello, we’re the Sunshine State!) and we don’t have severe winter weather that could potentially damage panels. But it’s also true that in Florida, energy bills can run high. Especially [...]

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Here Are the Benefits Your Business Will Gain By Switching to Solar

ProSolar Florida has experience working in all types of industries of all sizes. We’ve worked with companies as big as Fortune 500s and we’ve helped nonprofit and public institutions with their solar energy needs. Because of this, we are apt at providing you and your business with a high-tech, quality, clean, and renewable energy product [...]

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Turn Your Energy Green This St. Patrick’s Day, Here are Three Green Ways to Benefit From Solar

St. Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us. Which as we all know means an influx of all things green. Green shirts. Green hair. Green beer. Green bagels. Green everything! We don’t mind the green so much, because like St. Patrick’s Day, we celebrate how solar energy is the right green energy solution for you and [...]

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The Science Behind Solar Energy

Solar energy as we know it has been around since the mid-1970s. Then it was an innovative way to take the sun's powerful rays and convert it into energy. Now, over 40 years later solar energy is one of the leading green energy solutions in the world. But the sun has been the Earth’s main [...]

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Understanding the Net Metering Program

There can be a lot of questions when transitioning over to Solar energy. How much will it cost? How long will it take to install? How will it look on my roof? Is solar energy reliable? Solar energy systems harness particles of light from the sun’s powerful rays and convert it into clean energy. But [...]

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The Benefits Of Solar Energy In Florida

Florida is one of the sunniest places in the United States, and many homeowners here have switched to solar energy to take advantage of the state's weather. A lot of you might not know that there are additional advantages to going solar in Florida, and these advantages are unique and help solar energy in Florida [...]

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ProSolar Energy in Florida

ProSolar Florida is the leading solar energy company in Florida and is dedicated to providing affordable energy. Serving southeast and central Florida, our award-winning solar energy company has a passion for clean energy and offers a variety of renewable energy products for every budget, home, and business. Our team of solar energy professionals has over [...]

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