So you’ve done your research into solar energy, but still aren’t convinced that it’s the right choice for you as a homeowner or business owner. It’s totally normal if you have some misgivings or doubts in the back of your mind about investing in a solar energy system for your home. 

But if you’re at this stage, it may be helpful to ask yourself a few questions to determine just how valuable a solar energy system will be for you in your unique situation. Consider the following when thinking of investing in solar energy: 

How much am I currently paying for energy? 

If your home or business is still connected to the grid, do some in-depth research into just how much you’re currently spending every month on energy bills. Now add that up and consider how much you’re spending just to keep the lights on and appliances running every year. You’ll likely be taken aback by the number. 

What could I do with a little more flexibility in my budget without high energy costs? 

Now consider that number from the above question and think about what you could do with your budget if that number was significantly lower. Solar energy has the potential to reduce your monthly energy costs by up to 100% — put a pencil to how much money that could save you every year, and then consider all that you could do with a little more flexibility in your budget every month and each year. 

How reliable do I consider the grid to be? Do I trust it in bad weather? 

Next think about how you’ll feel during the next severe storm, when power outages — whether for hours, days, or weeks at a time — are a very real possibility. Do you have confidence in the grid? More importantly, if you run a business that demands constant energy, do you trust it with your inventory or the patients that are in your care? Can you afford a power outage, or at the very least do you really want to have to deal with the consequences of one? 

Is energy independence a priority for me? 

If you answered the previous question with any hint of distrust in the grid at all, then adding a Tesla Powerwall to your solar energy system will help you not only have confidence that you’ll be safe and maintain power during bad weather and power outages, but you’ll also achieve energy independence. You may not have thought much about energy independence in the past but consider that you won’t be at the mercy of the cost and functionality of the grid no matter what the weather forecast looks like. Tesla Powerwall can give you the peace of mind and confidence that comes with energy independence. 

How high of a return do I want or need on my next home improvement project? 

And lastly, consider how high of a return you want on your next home improvement project. New countertops or a brick patio might look nice, but a solar energy system can pay for itself in 6 to 8 years and has the potential to increase the value of your home by up to 15%! That kind of high return will only be found in solar energy. 

More questions about solar? Ask us! 

Hopefully, considering these questions will help you determine the value to be found in solar energy whether you own a home or a commercial property. If you still have questions, we want to hear them. Reach out to us through our website or at 305. 928.1266!1-888-462-5005 1-888-462-5005 1-888-462-5005 1-888-462-5005