how much could i save on solar energy every month?

The amount of money you’ll save on energy every month depends largely on whether or not your home is still connected to the grid or if it utilizes a backup battery like Tesla Powerwall.

If your home utilizes Tesla Powerwall in conjunction with solar panels, you’ll see the greatest savings because your backup battery will store free, clean solar energy that is generated by your system during the day. If you don’t have Tesla Powerwall, your home will depend on the grid at night and potentially during storms or rain, so you’ll still be subject to energy company rates at those times.

Solar energy is a gamechanger in particular for businesses that spend huge sums on power for large spaces or spaces that demand constant or large amounts of power. Our clients have seen savings of up to 100% on energy bills, and that’s entirely possible for you, too, when you switch to solar with ProSolar Florida.

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