Israel Otero

ProSolar was recommended by my brother in law and from the beginning of the process until now everything has been really nice From Angel with the orientation the installation guys and Amy keeping in touch with us it has been great can’t wait to have my system working.

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I liked their bathrooms they smell like old people 🙂

Jennifer Agosto

Very helpful staff, quick approval and setup, they take care of everything and i love the app you use to monitor! Very easy to use!

Jason Gold

Great people to work with, Peter Rosen owner went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly from start to finish. Peter was wealth of information and project ended up costing zero out of pocket. Thanks for the great job.

Brian Folsom

I would recommend ProSolar to everyone, from start to finish they took care of everything and kept me informed. Very happy with this unit and service. Update we have our solar system for a few months and we love it , the low bills are awesome. I would definitely recommend pro solar.

harold hamann

My electric service bill got reduced 50%. Definitely Prosolar services are very professional and committed to customer services.

Jose Diaz

Please don’t make the same mistake i did with the company.

I went with the lowest price company and I regret working with pro solar. My project took 5 months to install.

My roof started leaking within a month. 2 WEEKS LATER they send a random person to slap roof tar on my roof when I try and get the name.of the company they sent to fix my roof I found out they sent an in licensed and insured person that doesn’t work for pro solar.

I did more digging and found out this company isn’t even an approved installer for LG panels

And theyre labor warranty has soant exclusions. Pretty much if your panels or inverter get damaged in any way that’s not a manufacturer defect they will NOT cover it.

Please advert from doing business with this company don’t go with the cheapest company you will regret it!

Luis Morales

Selling the house is pain with the finance, seller will lie, solar does not increase value of your home. Finance will place link on your home.

jeremy miller

Everything from start to finish was professional. The guys installing were awesome. They even stopped to more stuff in the drive way so I could go rescue my niece that was in a car accident. In all it took less than 3 months and I am very happy

James S

ProSolar installed my solar system. They did an excellent job from sales right through to system commissioning.

I’m typically getting 25kW production every day, and that’s in the winter when production is lowest.

My electric bill has dropped from the mid $200s to about $50 per month.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the system production in the middle of summer.

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