Roshelle Alvarez-Ramos

OMG if I tell you that this was the only company that was absolutely the best!!! Would you believe me??
Javier knocked on our door at perfect timing, we were about to sign with a company who was offering us BS. And now that it has been a full month on Solar Panels solely with Pro Solar, I can absolutely say that they mean business and they stand by their word. In Mount Dora the energy bill is high, we where paying $240 for our bill and thanks to ProSolar and Javier’s awesome service we cut the bill in half. We will only be paying around 120 for the solar panels, and the energy bill just came and it was only $12!!!! That’s insane!!!!!
Not only that but the panels are OURS after we are done paying them. & they come with an awesome app that tells you how much kWh they are making each day, month and for the year.

We made the right decision with Pro Solar and we don’t regret it one bit. There are a lot of solar panel scammers out there and we almost scammed if it wouldn’t been for Javier explaining everything to us.
He didn’t force us, he didn’t bribe us, he simply showed us the numbers!!!! He told us exactly how everything would be and exactly how many panels we would need and guess what? He was right!!!

I am loving having solar, thank you very much pro solar!
Anyone who has doubts of this feel free to reach out to me.

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