ProSolar Florida has experience working in all types of industries of all sizes. We’ve worked with companies as big as Fortune 500s and we’ve helped nonprofit and public institutions with their solar energy needs. Because of this, we are apt at providing you and your business with a high-tech, quality, clean, and renewable energy product that will both help you save money and the environment.

Business owners and operators often have to think of their bottom line. And we can help save you some money in the long-term on your energy bills. But your bottom line isn’t the only thing you’re thinking of. Business owners and operators like you also think about what legacy your company will leave. How will people know you and relate to you? Solar energy is not only great for your financials, but it can also help your brand.

We can help you and your business save up to 100% on your monthly energy costs while making a lasting, positive impact on the environment by reducing harmful greenhouse gasses that cause climate change. Here are just some of the ways your business can benefit from using solar energy.

Less worry.

When coupled with Tesla Powerwall you can function completely independent from the power company. So when outages happen due to extreme weather, (which we’re guaranteed to have in Florida), then you can rest assured knowing that you won’t lose power. You’ll be able to keep your lights and appliances on even through the toughest storms.

More money.

Solar has been proven to completely pay for itself within 6-8 years of the initial investment. This can reduce your cost by as much as 100%. It doesn’t get better than that. You can increase your bottom line and save a lot on energy costs. If your system remains connected to the electrical grid, receive energy credits in the form of negative energy bills when you participate in Net Metering.


Solar energy systems are clean and renewable. They emit no greenhouse gasses, which are proven to be a massive contributor to global climate change. Solar panels run clean and quiet. They require zero pollution, which means no ecosystems or habitats are damaged from their installation. When you choose to convert your energy to solar, you’re letting your clients, customers, and stakeholders know that you care about our environment. You don’t just say it, but you invest in its future. You’re contributing to making the world a little bit cleaner through your transition to solar.

ProSolar Florida is an award winning company with a reputation for consistent innovation and the highest levels of service. If you’re interested in converting to a solar energy system, learn more about our commercial services and schedule a consultation today.