Tax season is upon us! To some that’s a source of dread, but others look forward to a generous tax refund every spring. If you’re anticipating getting a big check from Uncle Sam in a few weeks, you may be wondering how to spend or invest it. Have you considered solar energy? 

Spending it on consumer goods or a vacation might be fun in the moment, but they won’t help you save money in the long term nor will they serve as a valuable investment in the future. Make your tax refund go further this year by investing it in solar energy! 

Invest in a Residential or Commercial Solar Energy System 

Use your tax refund to put towards a residential or commercial solar energy system. When you install a solar energy system on your home, you’re not only working towards energy independence, but you can also expect low energy costs (our clients have saved up to 100% every month!) and a high return on your investment. 

Solar energy can be used in residential or commercial applications. Count on a system to keep you and your family safe and secure during grid outages, or to keep your clients and inventory protected no matter what the weather is like outside. 

We make financing easy, too. We work with the biggest financial institutions in the industry to help you receive up to 100% financing. So when you make your tax refund work for you and your solar energy goals, you’ll be one step ahead of the game for 2020.  

Tesla Powerwall for Energy Security 

Another way to make your tax refund go further is to check out Tesla Powerwall. This backup battery can work without without a solar energy system, giving even homeowners without solar panels a chance to save money and have the peace of mind of backup energy for use during grid outages. Tesla Powerwall kicks on during low rate times of the day to store up energy at a lower rate — and then discharges at peak times of higher rates, ultimately saving you a boatload of money on energy every year, even if you don’t have solar panels. 

Financing made easy

ProSolar Florida works with the YGRENE Energy Fund to help clients obtain up to 100% financing on green home improvement projects. This is a unique opportunity for you to invest in an environmentally friendly home improvement project at little to no upfront cost. And with your tax refund at the ready, you’ll be able to immediately jump right into making the switch to solar and all the benefits that brings! 

Invest in solar energy! 

This year don’t spend your tax refund on something that will give you buyer’s remorse a few weeks later! Invest it in solar energy — you’ll thank yourself later when you’re enjoying negative energy bills thanks to net metering, a secure backup power source during severe weather and grid outages, and the peace of mind that comes with using a clean, renewable source of energy.