Imagine walking out to your mailbox, retrieving your mail, and opening up the most recent statement from your energy company — and the balance is negative! Receiving energy credits instead of bills is entirely possible when you install a solar energy system for your home and take advantage of net metering. 

It may sound a bit complicated, but net metering is one of many ways to make solar energy work even harder for you, helping to save you money and make an even greater impact on the environment. 

What is Net Metering? 

Net metering is a billing mechanism that credits you for surplus energy your solar energy system sends back to the grid. Here’s how it works: 

  • If you don’t have a backup battery installed in your solar energy system, your home will still be connected to the grid for times of low solar production and night time. Inevitably, your system will produce a surplus of solar energy at peak times of the day, when you aren’t home to use all of this energy. 
  • With net metering, your home is connected to the grid and this surplus energy is sent back to the grid for eventual use — in other words, your energy meter will run backwards. 
  • Your home will use grid energy at night, during rainy weather, or when your system is underproducing — but because your meter runs backwards during peak hours, you won’t be billed for your usage. You’ll draw from credits you received from the surplus your system produced! 
  • You won’t get a check from your energy company, but you’ll likely start seeing energy credits in your mailbox instead of energy bills! 

Why Use Net Metering? 

It may be pretty obvious, but we’ll spell it out for you — net metering is incredibly beneficial for homeowners and the environment. Check out a few pros of net metering… 

Receive energy credits. As explained above, you’ll be credited for the energy your system sends back to the grid, meaning you’ll start receiving energy statements with a negative balance. Free up some cash in your budget with net metering! 

Send renewable energy your system produces back to the grid for others to use. The fact that your home is producing excess energy means that your solar energy system is impacting other homeowners’ energy usage — when your system sends a surplus to the grid, you can rest assured that your choice to use solar energy is having a wider impact than just on your home and energy needs. 

Stay connected to the grid as a backup, and benefit from it. You can rest easy that you’re connected to the grid in times of low solar production or at night — not to mention that you’ll benefit from it financially. 

Most states offer net metering. Most states offer net metering as a billing mechanism, including Florida. It’s becoming a more and more popular way to reward those who use solar and to help the community benefit from renewable energy. 

ProSolar Florida Can Help! 

ProSolar Florida can help you get set up with net metering so you can start seeing energy credits right away. We offer a comprehensive, risk-free energy assessment. If you decide to switch to solar, you can count on attentive customer service as we set up and install your system. 

We also work with local utility companies to help you get set up with the necessary paperwork and permits for net metering. Put money back in your pocket and start taking advantage of net metering!