We’re not survivalists, we’re not here trying to convince you to live out of civilization and away from well…everything. Instead, we’re here to map out the vulnerability of major public infrastructure, and why renewable energy like solar energy is the way forward.


It’s truly not a question of how, it’s a question of when. When will you make the transition to renewable energy? When you do, you’ll be free from the vulnerabilities of major infrastructure. What vulnerabilities are we talking about? Let’s dive into that.


Major infrastructure is a target for ransomware hackers.


The east coast has seen some major disruptions within its infrastructure these past few weeks. If you’ve been living under a rock (or you have a completely net-zero lifestyle) you may not have heard about the Colonial Pipeline’s recent ransomware attack. This attack led to confusion, panic, and lots of angry people unable to put gasoline in their cars.


Now you may be thinking, but what does gasoline have anything to do with the power grid? It’s different than the natural gas in our homes and it’s definitely different than the power grids we’re tied into. But the truth is, threats and attacks like the one on the Colonial Pipeline are becoming more common.


Why? Major infrastructure companies are known for their swift payment of the ransoms hackers hold against their data. It is much more cost-effective for them to pay the ransom than it is to build their entire IT infrastructure back up. So, you see companies paying these ransoms, which means the hackers will continue to target these main infrastructure companies. Companies like your power providers. These are companies at the most risk of attacks.


Extreme weather events


We talk about the sun and the weather a lot. After all, the sun is our biggest partner in the solar energy business. It’s very generous, it gives us tons and tons of energy, all for free. We love the sun!


But the changing of our climate has caused major weather events to happen all over the world. If you take a look at Texas this last winter, their power grid essentially failed. This wasn’t because of renewable energy failure, but because of the failure of traditional energy resources failing to keep up with the unexpected and extremely rare freeze. Because of this, millions of people were without power in freezing temperatures.


And yes, why are we talking about freezing temperatures when we live in Florida? Well, it’s because we are not immune to extreme weather events. Whether it’s a hurricane or something else, extreme weather puts the power grid in a vulnerable situation.



Making the switch to solar energy allows you to gain independence from threats on power grids by hackers, and gives you peace of mind knowing that you will still have power during Florida’s extreme weather events.


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