We talk a lot about the environmental and financial benefits of solar energy… but there comes a point when people want to hear the hard numbers. The average homeowner wants some concrete evidence that solar energy is as powerful and life changing as we say it is. Well, here you have it: solar energy by the numbers. 

Whether you’re convinced or still on the fence when it comes to solar energy, check out a few facts and stats that should give you an even clearer picture of the power of solar energy to change the planet, your wallet, and your life: 

$1856 per year 

…. This is how much the average family spends on electricity in a year according to Energy Sage. Plus, consider that rates increase at an average of 2.2% every single year. Electricity from the grid is not getting any cheaper, and it’s unlikely that you’ll start needing less power as time goes on. 


… In contrast, the price of solar energy has decreased by 70% since 2010! When you consider that traditional electricity from the grid is getting more expensive, and solar energy is getting more and more cost effective, it’s a wonder why anyone would continue to stick with the grid at all. Solar energy is simply a better financial decision in the short and long term. 

4.7 metric tons

… This is how much carbon dioxide your average personal vehicle emits in one year. Now consider that, depending on the size of your system, solar energy systems can save between 2 and 15 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions every single year! That alone puts the dramatic environmental impact of solar energy into clear perspective. 


… On average, this is how much a solar energy system can boost the value of your home. But depending on your home value and where you live, you may also see an increase in value of up to 15%. By investing in a solar energy system, you’re literally adding thousands of dollars onto the sale price and value of your home with just one green home improvement project. You’ll be glad you did when it comes time to sell your home. 

25 Years 

… ProSolar Florida offers a 25-year warranty on all our solar energy systems. Our systems are made with only the best and most durable materials to ensure that the system is built to last and will offer many years of clean energy. 

6 to 8 years 

… Most systems pay for themselves in this span of time — but depending on your usage and how much electricity cost you before switching to solar, your system could pay for itself faster. Solar energy is undoubtedly an investment with an incredibly high rate of return that you can count on. 

Switch to Solar with ProSolar Florida

These are some pretty impressive numbers — if you’re convinced or if you still have questions, reach out to ProSolar Florida for a risk-free consultation to see how solar energy can improve your home and wallet, the planet, and your life!