If you’ve been spending more time at home lately (and let’s face it, we all have), you’re likely using more energy than normal. But you may be surprised to learn just how much energy you’re using on a daily basis at home — and how much solar could help you save. 

Energy Consumption in Florida 

The Residential Energy Consumption Survey brings to light some interesting stats about energy usage in Florida. Here are some of the most notable: 

  • 27% of energy used by Floridian homes is used for air conditioning — four times the national average! 
  • The other half of energy consumption goes to appliances, electronics, and lighting. 
  • Florida’s expenditures on electricity per household are significantly higher than the national average. 

So it’s clear that Floridians are spending some serious money on energy — specifically air conditioning, every month. These expenses can seriously add up and many Floridians feel the hefty costs of energy every single month. 

How Solar Energy Can Help 

With numbers like this, you can’t afford not to make the switch to solar this summer. It’s unsurprising that us Floridians use so much energy since we live in a warm, sunny climate. But we should certainly use that sunshine to our advantage — which you can do with solar energy! 

Switching to solar energy can help you save dramatically on energy costs each month. Many of our clients save up to 100% on their utility bills every month, which makes a huge difference when it comes to your monthly budget. Not only that, but you’ll make up the difference in other areas: for example, solar energy can raise the value of your home by up to 15%!

And that’s not to mention net metering, which can enable you to receive energy credits instead of bills. Ask us about this billing mechanism that will enable you to be credited for the excess energy your solar energy system is producing. You’ll run the meter backwards and have a negative energy bill.

Tesla Powerwall 

Another way Floridians can temper their summer (and year-round!) energy expenditures is by utilizing Tesla Powerwall. Powerwall can store hours and hours of energy either at low rates (without a solar energy system) or from high-producing times of the day (with a solar energy system). It will then discharge when rates are high or at night or during severe weather when your solar panels aren’t producing as much energy. 

Switch to Solar with ProSolar Florida

If you’re looking to make a change to how much you spend on energy every summer, switch to solar with ProSolar Florida. We offer a variety of renewable energy products and services to fit your needs and budget! 

Solar energy is certainly an investment, but one with a high return — you’ll begin to notice a difference as soon as you begin receiving utility bills once your solar energy system is up and running. When it comes to energy expenditures in Florida (especially in the summer!), you can’t afford not to make the switch!