Did you know that solar energy systems can produce solar energy even when the sun isn’t shining? Though we get plenty of sunny days here in Florida, we get our fair share of clouds and overcast skies. This doesn’t limit a solar energy system’s productivity, though! 

We at ProSolar Florida account for the weather when we install a solar energy system. Don’t let concerns over cloudy days keep you from investing in a solar energy system! Read on to learn how solar energy can benefit your home and your energy bill, rain or shine. 

How Solar Energy Works 

Considering how solar energy works explains how a system can generate power even without direct sunlight. First, sunlight — whether direct or not — hits a photovoltaic cell in a solar panel. These cells knock loose the electrons in light particles, generating energy, which is then captured and converted into usable energy current.

This current is then captured by metal conducting plates, transferring the current to wiring in the panel. The current follows wiring to a converter, which converts the current into an AC current to power your home.

Solar Energy in All Kinds of Weather 

That said, solar panels continue to create energy even on cloudy days. If sunlight of any degree is hitting your solar panels, you can count on energy production. It may not be as optimized as that of a perfectly clear day, but your solar panels will continue to generate electrical currents nonetheless. 

ProSolar Florida takes the weather into account when we help clients explore renewable energy options. When conducting an energy audit, we consider how much energy you’ll need to power your home, and what a solar panel system will need to consist of in order to meet those energy needs, with sunny and cloudy days factored into the equation. 

We also take the weather into account in that our solar panels installations are built of the best, most durable materials out there. We only use the best UV resistant materials so our systems serve the homeowner with durability and longevity. 

The Tesla PowerWall Has Your Back(Up Battery) 

When it comes to storing excess energy produced by your system, look no further than the Tesla PowerWall. The PowerWall is a backup battery that can not only help you become completely energy independent, but it can also help make up for brief lapses in solar panel energy production at night and on cloudy, rainy days. 

On particularly sunny days, a solar energy system will overproduce — this excess energy will be stored in the PowerWall. You can then determine how much and when the backup battery will discharge, while retaining a surplus for power outages or periods of extended energy expenditures. 

ProSolar Florida Can Help You Make the Switch 

If you’re ready for energy independence and lower energy bills every month, it’s time to switch to solar. Concerns about whether solar energy systems can keep up on cloudy days are legitimate, but quickly relieved when one considers the process by which solar energy is produced. Even on cloudy days, your solar energy system will continue to generate power for your home. Switch to solar with ProSolar Florida!