Before you make a substantial investment in your home or any home improvement project, it’s only natural to thoroughly research your options and compare the pros and cons of each. The same goes for solar energy. You’ll likely want to research costs, reliability, and investment potential before you sign on the dotted line. 

This post should help you clarify why solar energy is preferable – in just about every way! – when compared to traditional fossil fuels. Read on to see why it’s worth switching to solar instead of doing what you’ve always done with traditional fossil fuels! 

No Pollution 

Solar energy is a completely clean power source. Fossil fuels have the unfortunate consequence of releasing more Co2 into the atmosphere, which is proven to be a primary factor in climate change. 

Solar energy, however, emits no water, air, soil, or noise pollution. It runs clean and quiet, all the time. Whether you’re environmentally conscious or not, you can rest assured that solar energy is an option that operates with the Earth’s health and future in mind.

A Renewable Power Source 

One of the best things about solar energy is that it’s completely renewable. There will always be more sunlight, especially in Florida! But fossil fuels… not so much. Fossil fuels are non-renewable, meaning once they’re used up, they’re gone for good. 

Solar energy, on the other hand, doesn’t require creating irreparable damage to Earth’s ecosystems to produce reliable and clean power. Solar energy is easy to access and harness and can be utilized in a way that is harmless to the environment. 

Low Cost

It’s no secret that fossil fuels are significantly more expensive than solar energy. EnergySage estimates that the lower price of fossil fuels usually hovers around $0.37/kWh — in contrast, solar energy costs about $0.029/kWh! 

It’s also worth mentioning that solar energy can boost your home value by up to 15%, as well as help you save up to 100% on energy costs every single month. Fossil fuels can’t claim either of those! 


Solar energy is also substantially more reliable than fossil fuels and traditional grid energy. During storms or bad weather, how many times have you had to roll out your backup generator when the grid goes out? 

With solar energy, you have power even when the grid doesn’t. This is especially helpful when your panels are connected to a Tesla Powerwall, which is a backup battery that easily and economically stores excess energy for when you need it most. 

Switch to solar! Here’s how! 

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