“Stop Thinking You Can’t Afford Solar—The Logic is Wrong”

Have you recently noticed solar panels on a friend’s roof and thought…I wonder what they paid for that! Comparison is natural, but don’t be fooled! Solar energy systems may have a reputation for being expensive, but what your friend knows is that you can’t afford to miss out on this awesome opportunity to change your financial restraints when it comes to your energy bill. Solar energy might be your big ticket to a better future!

For years, we’ve all been at the mercy of the meter. We leave lights on, we crank up the hot water, and we seem to always be loading and unloading the washer and the dryer. And all that energy usage leaves us with energy bills that never seem to level down—even after we address wasteful habits.

The truth is that there is another way. See below for more information about how solar energy systems may be the better option for you:

Solar Energy & Your Home’s Worth

The bill you hate to see each month, besides your energy bill, is likely your mortgage breakdown. Month after month, the same big number waits for a new contribution. But what if you could lower your monthly dues to the mortgage lender by incorporating solar power capabilities to your home? Solar energy has been proven to boost home values by up to 15%, and refinancing a mortgage after these types of significant improvements often help homebuyers to get out of debt faster and free up their money sooner. Imagine what you could do with a little more money and a little more energy!

Solar Systems Pay for Themselves

What if someone were to offer you solar panels for free? Would you have them installed? Well it’s your lucky day, because you are already offering yourself solar panels by looking into ProSolar Florida’s awesome options! Clients with ProSolar Florida have saved up to 100% on monthly electric bills, which allows for systems to pay for themselves in 6 to 8 years—perhaps with you never paying an energy bill again!

Additionally, net metering can help you earn energy credits from your electric company. Net metering offers the client credits based on how much surplus energy is stored in the grid, and many clients see their returns significantly reduce their monthly energy expenses right away.

ProSolar Florida Can Help!
Here at ProSolar Florida, extensive financing options are available for clients who believe in the benefits of solar power but who perhaps are not prepared to begin this journey by paying in full. We know our work can change your life. If you see solar energy’s potential in changing your financial future, call us today to discuss our range of options. If you decide to switch your home to a solar energy system, reach out at https://prosolarflorida.com to set up your consultation and learn about how solar energy can start to change your possibilities and potential.