Now that many of us are working from home most of the time, it means we’ll be using more energy in our homes. This means, inevitably, higher electric bills — that is, if you’re still depending on the grid. 

Couple that with rising temperatures as we get closer to summer, and you’ll really feel the effects of more electric expenditures when you get your next few energy statements. Read on for a few helpful tips that will help you conserve energy while you’re at home — which will prove to be beneficial for both the environment, and your wallet. 

Conserving Power During the Day 

Conserving energy during the day just takes a little consideration for small, simple changes made throughout the day. Turning off lights when you leave a room or when it’s not in use can save thousands of watts of energy. If the weather is nice, turn off the lights in your home and set up an outdoor workspace where you can take advantage of natural light — which we certainly have plenty of in Florida. 

Another tip to keep in mind is to turn off televisions or other electronics when they’re not in use. Many folks keep a television or radio on for background noise, or simply don’t turn it off even when it’s not being watched. Hitting the “off” button can give you a little peace and quiet and help you conserve energy. 

Reducing Electric Costs at Night 

You can also take steps to reduce electric costs at night. Wait to run your washer and dryer until the sun goes down, which will keep your home cooler and won’t make your air conditioner have to work as hard. In addition, consider leaving a window cracked for a cool breeze — if you can safely do so — instead of leaving box or ceiling fans running all night long. 

Make Future Plans to Switch to Solar 

If you’ve had enough of nickel-and-diming your energy savings, maybe it’s time to make future plans to switch to solar! When you switch to solar, you can achieve total energy independence. Imagine relying only on your solar panels and a backup battery to power your home. In addition, you can achieve energy security and save up to 100% on your energy bills every single month! It pays to end your dependence on the electrical grid.

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What We Offer at ProSolar Florida 

At ProSolar Florida, we offer a wide range of renewable energy products for our southeast Florida service area. We provide construction and installation of residential and commercial solar energy systems, and we’re certified Tesla Powerwall installers, giving you options for backup batteries for your system. 

We’re proud to serve the southeast Florida regions of Broward County, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, Tampa, and Orlando. Give us a call today for a risk-free phone consultation where we’ll answer your questions, discuss your options, and help you learn more about what solar energy can do for your home!