St. Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us. Which as we all know means an influx of all things green. Green shirts. Green hair. Green beer. Green bagels. Green everything! We don’t mind the green so much, because like St. Patrick’s Day, we celebrate how solar energy is the right green energy solution for you and your home.

So whether you’re saving green or producing green energy, we have a list of ways that converting to solar energy will help you in the long run.

  1. The energy is greener on the other side!

The sun provides us folks (and animals!) on earth with way more energy than we need. And unfortunately, greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuels are heating up the planet, which has some dire consequences for our planet’s climate. This large-scale problem can make one’s head spin. It sometimes feels too big to even tackle. But solar energy is clean and green. It powers your home without any harmful emissions or pollution entering our atmosphere.

  1. Adding more green into your wallet!

With Florida’s net metering program, you’re able to save on your home’s energy cost. With the installation of solar, you have the potential to pay zero dollars for your monthly energy cost. On average it takes about six years to start reaping the return of your solar investment.

According to EnergySage, when comparing lowest prices per kWh, solar energy is significantly cheaper than fossil fuels, with the lowest price per kWh for solar at $0.029 compared to fossil fuels at $0.05.

  1. Eliminating the greenhouse effect.

Even though they have green in their name, greenhouse gasses are not good for our environment. These gasses emit certain energy that redirects back to the earth and heats it up more. This causes the Earth’s climate to rise. And unfortunately, compounds into larger problems.

Solar energy eliminates this. Imagine if everyone were powered with solar energy? Our world would be cleaner and greener thanks to you!

It’s not just St. Patrick’s Day that gets us excited about the green savings and energy. Solar energy helps the environment and your wallet. There are so many reasons to make the switch! Put simply, green energy is the most affordable, cleanest way to power your home.

Still have questions about solar energy? Our Solar Energy Specialists are happy to answer any questions you may have about any of our renewable energy products and services. Reach out to us here.