There can be a lot of questions when transitioning over to Solar energy. How much will it cost? How long will it take to install? How will it look on my roof? Is solar energy reliable?

Solar energy systems harness particles of light from the sun’s powerful rays and convert it into clean energy. But what happens when the sun goes down?

Many of these questions are thoroughly answered in our FAQ. But one of the most common questions about solar energy is how energy from the sun can power our lives at night. Well that’s through the net metering program.

What is it and how does it work in providing you with sustainable and reliable energy?

Net Metering is a billing mechanism utilized by energy companies that provides you with credits for the excess energy your solar energy system produces and subsequently sends back to the grid.

It’s an incentive that compensates solar energy users (you!) for contributing surplus energy to the grid by running the energy meter backwards, providing credits (read: negative energy bills!).

That’s a lot of energy jargon. In layman terms, your solar energy will produce a lot of energy during the day when the sun is hot and bright. And in Florida, the Sunshine state, you’re sure to have plenty of brightness. When your solar panels produce more energy than you need, that energy is sold back to the utility company in exchange for credits, often reducing your bill or future bills.

That excess of brightness translates to an excess in energy. This also means you’ll have an excess of energy that you’re not using, so with the net metering program, you’ll sell that excess to the utility company and buy back what you need in the evenings. This can even result in negative energy bills.

Net Metering is a method of billing for solar energy system owners that often results in substantially lower energy bills and credits with your energy company.

Here are the continued benefits of net metering:

  • It’s an easy system and much more affordable than it’s alternative, the Tesla Powerwall.

  • It allows you to produce your own energy and not be beholden to the utility companies.

  • You can contribute to creating a greener environment.

  • It also saves resources at the utility company. Win-win!

Net metering is the process that allows folks without powerwalls to use solar energy. Solar energy is a much more sustainable and greener energy to use for our planet. If you’re interested in becoming a solar energy user, schedule a free consultation today.