Have you noticed a spike in your energy bills in the last few months? With all of the worldly and political controversy surrounding energy sources, energy companies often react to the unpredictable supply by adjusting rates for their services—usually adjusting them upward, sometimes drastically so.  Often, clients have no idea about these adjustments until they receive a bill and unfortunately notice a much higher number than expected. 

These types of surprises can leave us feeling powerless and frustrated. After all, we’re only trying to keep the lights on and cool or heat the house. But the good news is that we aren’t actually at the mercy of these companies or of the changing landscape of energy sourcing.  

There is another way that you can keep your worries and surprise bills at bay! Read below to see how solar power can give you a plan to protect yourself from surprise bill spikes:

Protect Yourself from Energy Bill Spikes 

If your budget can’t take another big bite from the energy bill, it might be time to consider adding solar energy capability to your home’s power supply. Solar energy harnesses sunlight using high-tech panels that store up power for all your home’s needs—and often enough to share! While you may assume solar power to be too expensive for your family, solar energy users say they actually provide awesome benefits for their bank accounts.  Not only can solar energy boost your home’s value by up to 15%, it can also pay for itself in less than decade with many clients saving up to 100% on monthly electric bills. So in many ways, you can’t afford to not consider this option! 

Want to Rid Yourself of Energy Bills for Good?

Wouldn’t you love to know that you’d be free of electricity bills in 6 to 8 years? It’s possible. The best plan to prevent being taken advantage of by energy companies may be to disconnect from them as your primary energy supply, supplementing their power grid with your own solar energy system.  ProSolar Florida’s services can also help you to get credits on your energy bill through their net metering capability which tracks the amount of energy stored in your grid and rewards you for the power your panels supply. Just like that rewards card to your favorite lunch place, solar panels may get you doing a monthly happy dance when you open that fully credited bill!

Change is Coming—Are You Prepared?

What will you do if your energy company continues to increase rates? If you aren’t sure whether or not you can afford solar panels, call ProSolar Florida today. Extensive financing options are available, and a member of our friendly, knowledgeable team will be happy to assist you in making this important decision.  

Don’t remain powerless in the pursuit of energizing your home.  Take charge of your future! Call ProSolar Florida to get started with a plan to end unpredictable billing for good!