We at Prosolar Florida are Certified Tesla Installers. We’ll take care of every aspect of the process, from financing, to permitting, to installation.

Imagine your home free of power company bills and blackouts. A home that relies completely on the energy from the sun, day and night. Energy independence is something that seemed like a pipe dream only a few short years ago. But now, with folks transitioning to solar energy, the life of energy independence is closer than we may think. Solar energy is more affordable and more sustainable for the environment. With both of these large-scale advantages, we don’t know why anyone wouldn’t transition to solar.

Coupling our solar energy systems with Tesla Powerwall allows you to be completely energy independent. But what exactly does that mean? Independence is freeing and allows us to own our power…literally. It also saves money and gives us the comfort in knowing our power will be available even in the most severe weather conditions, of which Florida is no stranger.

Whether you’ve got solar panels, planning on installing them, or staying on your electrical grid! If you’re interested in this type of independence, schedule an installation with us. We’re certified Tesla Powerwall Installers and love supporting people in their energy independence journey.

Here are the advantages to using Tesla Powerwall to gain energy independence with and without solar panels to pair it with.

1. For those without solar panels, you’ll have a backup system.

Change is hard, we understand. So if you’re not completely ready to go off the grid, then using Tesla Powerwall with your current energy provider allows you to have the backup you’ll need in case any blackouts happen.

If something were to happen to the grid and your neighborhood or block were to use power, you can simply transition to Tesla Powerwall and still keep your energy. Even though we recommend coupling this with solar energy panels, you don’t have to.

  • The unit is programmed to charge when energy rates are low, storing up excess energy from the grid at a lower rate.

  • At peak hours, the PowerWall will discharge and use that stored-up energy to power your home, saving you big on electric bills every month by utilizing only low-rate energy.

2. For those with solar panels, you’ll have complete autonomy of your energy supply.

When using Tesla Powerwall with one of our solar energy systems, you’re able to live completely off the grid. 100% Miss (or Mister) Independent. Shred your power bills, call your company and cancel, because you are your own power company now.

So how does this happen? Well, the sun provides a surplus of energy during the day — especially here in the sunshine state. So instead of giving that surplus back to the power company, Tesla Powerwall saves it so you can switch to that power when the sun goes down.

The unit is able to detect power needs on its own. You don’t have to do anything, just keep on using your appliances day or night, and Tesla Powerwall will know when to discharge its energy all on its own. Allowing you to relax, worry-free. But you can monitor all of its activity from your smartphone because of course there’s an app for that.

With Tesla Powerwall, whether you have solar panels or not doesn’t matter, you can still be relatively energy independent in both scenarios. If you’re interested in installing Tesla Powerwall in your home, schedule a call with us and we’re happy to answer any questions or concerns you have!