When it comes to choosing a solar energy company to help you switch to solar, we know you have options. That’s why we want to take a moment to discuss why ProSolar Florida is the best choice for home and business owners in our service areas including Broward County, Miami-Dade, Tampa, and Orlando. 

ProSolar Florida is an industry-leading solar energy development and installation company based in southeast Florida. Why work with us? Read on to find out! 

Years of Experience 

Since 2007, we’ve been helping homeowners and business owners pay less for energy. We have well over a decade of experience in the solar energy industry, working with each of our customers to craft a customized solar energy plan for their home or place of business. 

We offer both residential and commercial solar energy applications. In the past, we’ve worked with homeowners with homes of varying shapes and sizes. But we’ve also helped businesses like apartment complexes, sports facilities, government buildings, churches, office buildings and medical facilities switch to cleaner, more reliable solar energy. 

Interested in seeing more of our past projects? Learn more here. 

Close Attention to Detail 

We’re an award-winning solar energy company in part because we pay close attention to detail in every project we complete. We construct our solar energy systems with the finest, most durable materials that will withstand years of Florida weather. 

Our systems are built to be low maintenance, needing only a gentle hosing-off during occasional dry spells. Our clients also enjoy 25-year warranties on our solar energy systems. So not only will your solar energy system likely pay for itself within 6-8 years, but you can also count on a long-lasting warranty long after your system is fully paid for. 

Customized Solar Solutions

We don’t cut corners on quality and our energy assessment ensures that each client is getting a solar energy system that will work well for their unique property.

We offer both residential and commercial solar energy solutions. Homeowners looking to reduce monthly expenses benefit from our solar services, as do businesses of all sizes looking for a reliable energy source that will reduce monthly utility costs. 

A Passion for Solar Energy 

ProSolar Florida also has demonstrated a passion for the solar energy industry and a commitment to staying on the leading edge of industry developments. We are trained and certified Tesla Powerwall installers, giving our clients the opportunity to add the latest and state-of-the-art backup battery power of Tesla to their solar energy systems. Further, we offer net metering which takes the guesswork out of receiving energy credits for excess energy your solar energy system produces and sends back to the grid. 

Switch to Solar with ProSolar Florida!  

Ready to switch to solar with ProSolar Florida? Many of our clients have enjoyed energy savings of up to 100% every month. Remember that the federal tax credit on solar energy drops from 26% to 22% in 2021 — so now is the time to switch to solar for the best savings. Reach out to us to set up a risk-free consultation to get started!