ProSolar Systems can help you reduce your monthly electric bill by up to 100%. We are Tesla PowerWall and we offer solar energy solutions for every home and every budget.

ProSolar Systems offers affordable Renewable Energy solutions for any size Residence and Commercial facility. The cost of a Solar Array system typically pays for itself in 6 to 8 years while also increasing the resell value of your home by an average of $15,000. Our Solar Energy systems come with a 25 year warranty and are Net Metering ready. We help you save on your monthly utility bill and sell your excess energy back to the grid.

Saving with ProSolar Systems is easy!


ProSolar Systems is an award winning company with over 10 years of experience in Solar Energy products and service.

Customers Testimonials

After many years of living like the Flintstones we are happy to begin our journey of life off the grid as the Jetsons ! We always talked about one day growing our own food, collecting our own water, and yes, generating our our power. Pro Solar & Telsa have made this dream come true. A few years ago we bought our dream home in Wintberg and started Sugar Brown’s Veggie Farm (named after our dog Sugar ) with two Telsa batteries and a 10k system we can now live free from the system. What next… a flying car? Well not quite yet but next year two electric cars and chickens and ducks, maybe even a goat !

Michael G., Prosolar Systems

After Maria I decided that it wasn’t worth running our Generac 6 hours a day and spending $1800 month in propane. After telling Brad of my situation (8 people and 7 dogs between the main house and 2 one bedroom apartments, he came to the rescue.) Step 1, reinstall 24 solar panels that got ripped off the roof. Check. Step 2, send a team out and install a powerwall. Check. It was all pretty seamless. I got my tenants to install the Tesla app and we have all become more energy efficient in order to have power 24/7. Between the apartments and main house I have 4 refrigerators, a water pump, washer and gas dryer, lights, fans, tv’s and a rotating schedule for 3 hot water heaters. Managed properly, we can do all this with one powerwall ad not run the battery dry. Incredible. Brad and team are true professionals. If you have questions or problems, they pick up the phone and respond to texts and emails right away. I might even go pay them for the powerwall now. Lol.

All in all I’m 100% impressed with the capabilities of a Tesla Powerwall and 100% impressed with ProSolar’s professionalism and attention to detail.

Great job ProSolar.

Garth H., Prosolar Systems

Pro Solar is really really good at what they do! We have been living off grid for nearly three years and for the first time since the start we have a perfect power system in place. In less then three days Pro Solar had extremely talented electricians, engineers, and powerwall experts come to our property and get a system up that is perfect for our home. They are all knowledgeable, professional, and friendly from start to finish. If you are thinking of investing in solar panels and/or a Tesla Powerwall just give them a call and get your consultation. Thank you so much Pro Solar, you guys have taken power related stress off our plate, and helped improve our families quality of life.

Joey T, Prosolar Systems

We’ve worked with Prosolar a few different times since 2012 to gradually make our home self sufficient and “off the grid” and each and every time the experience has been 5 star! My first experience with Prosolar was purchasing and installing solar panels for my home. Brad took his time to explain and educate me on the process and make sure the install was quick and easy. Their 5 star service didn’t end with the install, anytime I’ve had questions since they are always quick to respond and make sure that all questions are answered. The most recent experience was unplanned and unexpected. After Hurricane Irma, my husband and I immediately knew that we wanted to install Tesla Powerwalls on our home. Just 4 days after the storm we contacted Brad to see about getting the Powerwalls on island and installed on our home. We knew it was a long shot but we put out the call and even after a major hurricane…Brad again was quick to respond. The first estimates put the systems on island several months out; however, within a month we were well on our way to the install. After using the Powerwalls for almost two months now and being educated by the Prosolar team we are better managing our power usage and saving money each and every day! Thank you to Brad and the team for everything they did to get the systems on island and installed quickly! We can’t thank you enough!

Jana B., Prosolar Systems