Your Power.
Your Way.

Smart, sleek and scalable, the Duracell Home Ecosystem
lets you take charge of how your home is powered.

Clean, safe,
reliable power

24/7 back-up

Smart energy

New or existing
solar Systems

Energy Independence

Solar-backed energy storage puts you in control of your home power.

Store solar energy in the battery to reduce your dependence on the grid and maximize savings.

Use stored energy to power your home any time of the day or night, or during extended power outages.

Sync with time-of-use rate plans to maximize savings. In some regions, you can even sell the energy you don’t need back to the grid for more savings.



The frontline of converting solar rays into clean, renewable and sustainable energy.


Trusted everywhere, Duracell Power Center’s batteries come in a variety of sizes to handle even the most demanding use‑cases.


Smart charging to optimize usage and maximize savings.


All Duracell Home Ecosystem products are controlled through our app, available on your favorite device.

Power up your business.

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