Solar systems

the rise of solar energy illustration

Benefits for your business

  • Solar energy for businesses provides a reliable power source, especially when coupled with backup systems like the Tesla Powerwall, ensuring uninterrupted operations even during severe power outages.
  • No longer worry about grid outages upending your schedule or assets. Keep your business running strong during and after severe storms and hurricanes.
  • Solar is an investment with a high rate of return. Most systems pay for themselves within 6-8 years.

Benefits for the wallet

  • Switching to solar energy not only reduces your energy costs by up to 100% but also takes advantage of solar panel efficiency to maximize your energy output and savings.
  • Increase your bottom line when you save big on energy costs. Savings like this will free up more money to invest back into your business or to improve cash flow.

Benefits for your planet

  • Solar energy is a completely clean and completely renewable source of energy. It won’t release any harmful CO2 into the atmosphere, which contributes to climate change.
  • Utilizing solar energy requires NO pollution and solar panels run clean and quiet, meaning no ecosystems or habitats around the world are damaged by the use of solar energy.
  • Using a clean power source like solar shows your clients that your business is environmentally conscious.


Our commercial solar solutions include full-service solar energy system design and installation, complemented by efficient backup options like the Tesla Powerwall. Whether your organization is family-owned or Fortune 500, a non-profit organization or public sector institution, we can create a commercial solar energy system that will help you save dramatically on energy expenditures, while your organization does its part to help reduce CO2 pollution.

Attentive customer service

We prioritize your business or organization and it’s unique needs from start to finish.

Lower monthly energy bills

Our commercial clients have seen their energy bills reduced by up to 100% after switching to solar.

Increase your bottom line

When you aren’t paying hundreds (or thousands!) in energy bills every month, you’ll have improved cash flow to re-invest in the business or to fund other valuable projects and initiatives.

Extensive experience with commercial and public sector clients

We have extensive experience working with some of the best and highly-recognized businesses and organizations in southeast Florida and throughout the Caribbean. We understand the needs and priorities of our commercial clients.

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