An international Solar Energy Solutions company specializing in a wide range of residential, commercial, and public sector projects.

Each client we’ve worked with has saved up to 100% of their utility bill each month and has eliminated  up to a ton of Co2 from entering our environment each year.


One of our highly qualified technicians will come to your house to provide a free energy audit. We will explain how we can design a custom system that will best meet your needs, as well as ways you can begin adjusting your energy consumption inside the home. You can expect a written assessment after the visit, with all possible options, and incentives available, to achieve the quickest return on investment.


Lowering your monthly energy costs have never been easier or more affordable. ProSolar specializes in creating the fastest possible return on investments for its customers by including LED lights, heat pumps, and other energy saving products. Call today to schedule a site visit so you can begin your path to home grown energy on your roof or your back yard.


The Tesla home battery is a clean way to store solar power during the day and use it as you please. The battery can be added to existing solar systems or designed into new ones, providing power when the grid is down…or even take you completely off the grid. Solar with battery backup is the quietest and cleanest way to achieve energy security for you and your loved ones. Call today to find out what it would take to back up your home office, kitchen, studio, or your entire home or business.


There has never been a better time to take your savings on the road! We offer an incredible selection of gently used and well maintained Electric Vechiles such as Tesla, Nissan, BMW, and Toyota. Electric Vehicles require minimal maintenance and ZERO gasoline!


ProSolar Florida can give you the ability to sell the excess energy produced by your system back to the grid. That’s right, use the energy you need and sell the rest. ProSolar Systems makes it easy to recover your investment in no time.