Solar energy in
Pine Crest

Solar energy in
Pine Crest

Pine Crest, South Florida is a suburb of Miami and a popular residential area that is beautifully kept. With a multitude of restaurants, recreation facilities and things to do, it’s always busy especially at weekends. Noted for its fantastic schools, it’s especially sought-after by young families who take an interest in eco-friendly matters. That’s one reason why many of its residents like to take advantage of renewable energy from ProSolar.

Benefits of solar energy In Pine Crest

Installing solar energy delivers enormous advantages, here are some of the benefits for your home or business:

  • The potential to save up to 100% on your energy bills.
  • Non-stop power, despite severe weather or power outages.
  • A likely increase to your home’s value, by up to 15%.
  • Your business never has an interruption to its energy, vital when your industry is medical, manufacturing or other where there’s a need for power 24/7.
  • A return on your solar energy investment within 6 to 8 years (or sooner).
  • Cleaner air for residents of Pine Crest and a reduction in the carbon footprint.

Our products & services

We offer a wide variety of renewable energy products and services, and can craft a package that will meet your energy needs and goals.

Residential Solar Systems

Reduce your carbon footprint, lower your energy bill, AND PoweR your home with a solar energy array for your home.

Tesla Powerwall

Powerwall allows you to achieve total energy independence; the unit is a sleek, low-profile backup battery that stores surplus power for use during outages and natural disasters.

Commercial Solar Systems

Powering your office or commercial structure with solar provides a reliable, clean source of energy you can count on and that can reduce monthly expenses.

Our unique process

ProSolar Florida is renowned for our excellent customer service and attention to detail. We follow a specific process to ensure we understand your goals and needs, and to provide you with the best experience possible as you switch to solar:

Energy advisors

We provide a free, no-obligation consultation for all of our customers. You get the opportunity to chat through what you want from your energy, and we’ll discuss the Tesla Powerwall as well as Net Metering (if you’re interested). Let us explore your energy goals and tell you just how much solar energy will improve your home or business.

Energy assessors

When we visit your home or place of business, we will assess your current energy and tell you how you can improve your property with solar power. We’ll also show you the savings you could make when you change over.

Energy installation

Rely on the ProSolar team to install your new solar energy system once that contract’s signed. We do it to our exacting standards, using top quality materials.

Energy support

You get our full support too, even after sales although it’s good to know that solar energy systems need little maintenance. We can also install Net Metering for you so you enjoy savings from day one.