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Is Solar Energy Right for Your Home?

Switching to solar is a big step in your home ownership journey. Whether you’re just starting to look into installing a solar energy system or you’ve been contemplating the idea awhile, it’s helpful to know what qualities and specifications make your home a good candidate for solar energy. That said, just about any home [...]

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Environmental Impact of Solar Energy vs. Electric

The financial benefits of switching to solar are well known, but those aren’t the only reasons to make the switch to solar for your residential or commercial property. Solar energy is significantly more beneficial for the environment than traditional forms of energy that burn fossil fuels. Not everyone is environmentally conscious, but the environmental [...]

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Surviving Hurricane Season through Renewable Energy

Natural disasters are an unavoidable reality to many people in the United States. Hurricanes top this listand account for large-scale casualties including loss of life, property damage, and just an overallnegative impact on the economy. When traditional electricity facilities succumb to the strong winds andheavy rains, it takes a significant amount of time and [...]

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Become Energy Independent with Solar Energy

  The financial benefits of solar energy, as well as its environmental impact, are some of the most talked about aspects of solar power. However, solar energy also provides the opportunity to become energy independent, and this is one of the less-talked about benefits of solar energy. Energy Independence   Energy independence means you [...]

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Ways to Save in Florida When You Switch to Solar

  For the average Florida family, there are so many ways to save when you make the switch to solar. ProSolar Florida offers a wide variety of renewable energy products -- and when you make the switch to solar with us, you won’t just be helping the environment by depending on a clean, renewable [...]

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Positive Environmental Impacts of Solar Energy

You may have heard the financial benefits of solar energy -- that it can help you save on your electric bill or eventually eliminate it completely -- but the environmental impacts of solar energy are worth understanding, too. Perhaps even more important than the financial benefits are the ways in which solar energy dramatically [...]

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Overall Financial Savings of Solar Energy for Florida Residents

You may be interested in solar because you want to be environmentally conscious and do your part to reduce your carbon footprint. But it turns out that solar energy actually has the potential to save homeowners -- especially Florida residents -- a substantial amount of money at the same time.   Ways to Save with [...]

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Benefits of a solar energy array system in Florida

Florida is an area that receives abundant solar energy throughout the entire year. Therefore, it is possible for you to think about getting a solar energy array system installed without keeping any doubts in mind. The entire world is looking forward to go green and you can take one step closer to it by getting [...]

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