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July 21, 2021

How To Set Energy Goals for Your Home and Family

We love working with our clients on their energy goals. But sometimes when we talk to folks, they haven’t even set their goals. They’re in the exploratory phase of cleaner, renewable energy options.

That’s totally understandable. Working with families on their energy goals is something we’re passionate about. So if you’re wondering what kind of goals we’re talking about, well this is the perfect article for you.

So let’s dive into which goals to set for you and your family and how we at Prosolar can help you achieve them!

Goal #1: Lower Monthly Costs

Typically, our clients want to lower their monthly power bills by switching to a solar energy array. When you switch over to clean, renewable energy you have the potential of paying $0 per month on your energy bills. If this sounds like a good goal for you and your family to set, here is how you can achieve it sooner.

  1. Schedule a consultation with us to learn what system and how many solar panels you need for the switch.

  2. Decide on how much you’d like to spend upfront. While you don’t have to put any money down, putting some down could help you pay down the cost of the solar energy array faster, which means you’ll be closer to a $0/mo bill.

Goal #2: Energy Efficiency

Powering your home takes a lot of effort for the electrical grid. Especially in Florida, where the A/C can be running all hours of the day to keep you and your family cool. But when you switch over to solar, you’re able to be more energy efficient. You’ll be powered by the sun’s natural rays as opposed to greenhouse gasses and other harmful energy sources.

There are two ways in which you can prepare for energy efficiency, one is through purchasing Tesla Powerwall and the other is through choosing the net metering program. Both are efficient energy savers, but they differ in your energy independence.

  1. Tesla Powerwall allows you to be completely energy independent. Essentially, this is a battery that stores excess energy when the sun’s rays aren’t shining. This means you’ll never have to tap into the power grid. Energy independence means you’ll never be without power during extreme weather events or hurricanes.

  2. Net metering program: the net metering program allows you to use the sun’s energy during the day and then sell the excess to the power company. At night and when the sun isn’t shining, you’ll buy back the energy from the power company. This usually ends up being affordable but doesn’t allow you have complete energy independence like Tesla Powerwall.

In conclusion

Setting energy goals for you and your family doesn’t have to be a long, arduous process. Instead, it can be a fun way to decide how you can save money and save the planet. If both of these sound good to you, then let’s get started on your risk-free consultation today!

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